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Freqently Asked Questions

What are the burning regulations in the Richmond Fire District?

Burning is only allowed on weekends during the months of April, May, October and November between dusk and dawn. The wind cannot be greater than 10 mph, and the burning must be supervised by an individual at least 18 years of age. A hose or fire extinguisher must be available at the burn site.


What am I allowed to burn in the Richmond Fire District?

Only landscape waste and only on the property where the landscape waste was generated.


What is prohibited from burning in the Richmond Fire District?

Prohibited at all times.

  • Burning of manure, garbage, construction debris, trash, etc. on any property in McHenry County.

  • Burning of landscape waste within 100 feet of a habitable structure (i.e. residence, school, etc.)

  • Burning of landscape waste within 50 feet of a non-habitable structure (i.e. detached garage, barn, etc.)


What kind of fire department is Richmond Fire?

Richmond Fire is not a Volunteer department.  The department consists of a combination of members who staff the fire station 24/7/365, and who respond from their homes on most other calls that the department is dispatched for.  This allows for the manpower to restaff the station, if needed, and to provide enough personnel for large scale incidents.


What kinds of resources does the fire department have?

The fire department has the following:

     2 -  Fire Engines

     2 - Advanced Lift Support Ambulances

     1 - 3,500 gallon water tender (tanker) 

​     1 - Wildland ATV

     1 - Utility pickup truck

     2 - Command vehicles

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